At NAC, Human Resources Management is paramount to our success and growth. Our HR team is comprised of highly motivated, hands-on, customer service-oriented individuals. Each member aids and direction to every manager in their efforts to recruit, develop, and retain a diverse and exceptionally qualified workforce.

As a network of professionals, the HR team is committed to providing employees with first-class programs and services in the following areas:

  • Recruitment
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Employee/labour relations and information systems.

Collectively, our goal is to maintain a work environment that is both productive and rewarding. NAC’s strength is rooted in our commitment to our employees, the success of the Company, and our values.

  • Recruitment
  • Benefits
  • Compensation
  • Employee/labour relations and information systems.

Employee Benefits

NAC Services Group prides itself on its ability to attract and retain the best people. Every employee is an important asset and central to our success. We strive to ensure that NAC is an appealing place to work. We offer an array of employee benefits programs designed to encourage, enrich, and promote employee health and well-being.
Our comprehensive benefits package includes (*):

  • Long-term Disability
  • Short-term Disability
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Plan
  • (*) Eligibility for benefits will vary based upon job responsibilities, job classification, and location.

Training Commitment

At NAC, a strong emphasis is placed on employee knowledge, skills, and attitude. We believe this effort is critical to successful performance on the job, as well as individual employee growth. Our continuing ability to promote qualified candidates to Supervisor, Account Manager, and Regional Manager positions is evidence of our ongoing commitment.

Every new NAC employee must complete a mandatory training program. Areas of concentration include safety protocol, quality standards, chemical handling, and equipment usage. Training on specific tasks and site requirements are added according to client needs.

Training Activity

NAC managers attend various events and seminars where new training techniques, materials and ideas are brought to light in the industry. Best practices and innovative concepts are incorporated into NACs procedures and shared with our staff on a regular basis.

In addition to a formal training process, our Management Team works to increase employee skill levels and ensure quality service through aggressive initiatives such as:

  • Method of the Week training
  • Safety briefings
  • Random quality inspections
  • On-the-job skill assessments
  • Knowledge assessments
  • Supervisor/manager coaching

We are proud of our employees’ accomplishments and successes, and we appreciate their dedication to the customers we proudly serve.

Valuing & Managing Diversity

NAC Services Group operates within an environment shaped by the diverse ideas, cultural beliefs, and varied expectations of its employees, partners, and suppliers. We believe individual differences such as personality, life experiences, and socio-economic differences should be embraced just as should group differences such as race, colour, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, pregnancy, marital status, age, disability, nationality, ethnicity, and ancestry.

NAC Services Group realizes the greatest talents of each employee, partner, and supplier by promoting an inclusive atmosphere where each member is encouraged to connect with one another to establish respectful and fortifying relationships. The objective is to gain and foster genuine partnership, openness, and trust by embracing our differences.

Quality Assurance
NAC ’s approach to Quality Assurance incorporates personnel, equipment, extensive training and industry expertise to guarantee that our client’s facilities meet or exceed the regulations set forth by ISO or by the FDA.

All NAC cleanroom technicians are thoroughly screened. We recruit highly motivated, responsible individuals who take pride in the work they do.

NAC has formed alliances with the nation’s leading suppliers of cleanroom equipment. Highly specialized tools and equipment are selected based on the SOPs of the given environments. NAC extends its substantial national buying power to our clients, often resulting in lower overall costs.

NAC Groups ’s critical environment cleaning personnel are required to complete specific training regimens before entering a critical environment. All technicians are trained on cleanroom protocol, safety, security, cleaning techniques, and client specific procedures.

Industry Expertise
NAC Groups’ subject matter experts have proven success in cleanroom operations. Our solid reputation and excellent client references speak to our ability to deliver outstanding service in complex environments.

NAC offers its clients a single point of contact for facilities operations and maintenance needs. NAC develops customized programs designed to use your existing resources more effectively – ultimately leading to lower costs and increased efficiencies.

Careers - List of Job opportunities

A facilities manager’s role on a day-to-day level will differ depending on the size and type of his company. However, general activities should include overseeing the building’s cleaning, catering, maintenance, security, health and safety, and communication infrastructure. On a daily basis, she will be checking that the work done by contractors’ meets standards, making sure that the company is disposing of waste correctly and implementing recycling programs where appropriate, communicating with tenants of the properties, and allocating the space of new and existing buildings.

Maintenance Supervisor to support operations at a Water treatment plant, Sewage treatment plant, Monitoring Cleaning activities building, Technical support electrical and plumbing services , . The Maintenance Supervisor oversees all aspects of the maintenance function of a large sewage treatment plant in conjunction with the Maintenance Manager.

Manages all Administration inquiries from Managers, employees and HR Business Partners utilizing a case management tool.

Post Background Checks, Drug Screens, Unemployment Inquiries, Legal Inquiries, Third Party Inquiries, Verifications of Employment, File Maintenance & Management, etc

Provide consistent HR support on day-to-day Administration issues and inquiries, answering non-routine requests for information in an effective and efficient manner

Collaborates with Managers, HR Business Partners, GBS and CoE partners, vendors, and service providers to resolve Administration issues

Ensures high-quality standards for all activities, initiatives, and tasks adhering to all Service Level Agreements (SLAs) established by the Service Line

Takes ownership of all escalated cases in order to ensure a timely resolution with a superior level of quality.